Scholars Journal of Applied Medical Sciences (SJAMS)  ISSN 2320-6691

Sch. J. App. Med. Sci., Volume-1: Issue-4 (Jul-Aug; 2013)

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1Evaluation of efficacy of Flexiqule (Boswellia Phyto Extract) in osteoarthritis of Knee
S. P. Rai, Malay Bajpai
2Incisal abnormalities in children with Unilateral cleft lip and palate
Dr. Amarshree Shetty, Prof. Dr  Kavitha Rai, Prof. Dr Amitha M Hegde
3Antibacterial Bustle of Leaf Extract of Cassia Fistula
Mst Rikta Banu , Rishikesh, Drishti Rani Ghosh, Md. Anwarul Haque, Md. Mofizur Rahman
4Candida Carriage and Risk Factors for Oral Candidiasis in Patients Attended Tertiary Hospital in Dehradun, India
Rajeev Kumar Gautam, M.P. Vir Vikram Singh,Maria Thokchom
5Association of High Peripheral Neutrophil Count in Healthy Young Smokers With Impaired Pulmonary Function Test
Jeneth Berlin Raj.T, Senthil Kumar K.Gladius Jennifer.H
6Mesiodens on A Talons Cusp- An Unusual Case
Prof. Dr Amitha M Hegde, Dr. Amarshree Shetty, Dr.Rajmohan Shetty, Dr.Pushparaj Shetty, Dr.Preethi.V.C., Dr.Surbhi Kotwaney
7Study of Forced Vital Capacity in Healthy School Children of Amritsar District, Punjab
Shikha Nagpal, Richa Ghay Thaman, Rachna Bachhel, Usha Monga. Z
8Mega appendix:  A Rare, one of the Longest Appendix Operated
Tiwari P, Tiwari M
9Histogenesis Of Human Cerebellar Cortex
Dr.Angela A. Viswasom, Dr. Abraham Jobby
10Type III Duane’s Retraction Syndrome with Severe Upshoot: a Rare Presentation with Ipsilateral Superior Rectus Contracture
Dr. Ruchika Agarwal, Dr. Priyanka Arora, Dr. A. M. Jain, Dr. Nutan Saxena
11An Introduction To Computer Aided Health Science Research
Janmejaya Samal
12Clinical profile and outcome of patients with acute febrile encephalopathy: A prospective study from tertiary care teaching hospital
Dr. Mohan D Kashinkunti, Dr. Shiddappa, Dr. Dhananjaya M
13Primary Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma of Ascending Colon in a Child with Non Obstruction: a Case Report
Ahirwar Chandraprakash, Verma Vijay Kumar, Ahamed Shamim,
Abhijeet Patil
14Distribution of Blood Groups in Blood Donors in Blood Banks of Latur
Deshpande R.H., Wadde S. K.
15A Study of Clinical Profile of Dengue Fever in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital
Dr. Mohan D Kashinkunti, Dr. Shiddappa, Dr. Dhananjaya M.
16Failed Dacryocystorhinostomy – Dealing with care to succeed!
Dr. Ramesh C Gupta, Dr.  Priyanka Gupta, Dr. R. N. Kushwaha
17Infectious Diseases in Developing Countries
Lisa Bryde, Usman Waheed
18Morphometric analysis of Humerus bone in Indian population
S.Lokanadham, N.Khaleel, P.Arun Raj
19Comparative Study between Penicillin and Ampicillin
S.K Sharma, Lalit Singh, Suruchi Singh
20Primary Skeletal Muscle Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in the Thigh: A Case Report
Dr. Takalkar Unmesh V*, Dr. Asegaonkar Balaji N,  Dr. Asegaonkar Shilpa B., Dr. Kodlikeri Pushpa R.,  Dr. Virendrakumar Borundiya
21Bilateral Adrenal Neuroblastoma; Stage IV – A Case Report
Ahirwar Chandraprakash
, Patil abhijeet, Ahamed Shamim , Aherwar Rupa, Verma Vijay Kumar
22Antioxidant Properties of Some Local Herbs Extract On STZ-Induced diabetics Rats
G.S. George,  Prof. A.A. Uwakwe, Prof. G.O. Ibeh
23Role of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Evaluation of Traumatic Brachial Plexus Injuries
Dr. Deepak K. S, Dr. Bharat M. P*
24Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis: Litreature  Review & Case Report
Abhishek Dwivedi*, Aman gupta, Chandrajeet yadav, Somya gupta
25Rotavirus: Approaches to Vaccination
Swapna Latha Aggani*
26Lecture-Class Attendance Taking: Roll Number calling method versus Roll token collection method – A Comparative Study
Raj Kishore Mahato* , Parineeta Suman
27Jouberts Syndrome: A Case Report
N Bharadwaj, M Chandramouli, Dr Ram Subba Reddy
28A Case of Strangulated Small Bowel Obstruction Due to Mesodiverticular Band of Meckel’s Diverticulum in an Adult
Dr. Naveen. N*, Dr. Avijeet Mukherjee, Dr. LingeGowda
29Study of urine Hydroxyproline:creatinine ratio as a bone turnover marker of Bone Metastases along with some routinely used biochemical parameters in patients with Prostate Cancer in comparison with Bone Scintigraphy
B. K. D. Sarvari, D. Sankara Mahadev, S. Rupa, S. A. Mastan
30Awareness about Banned Drugs: A Matter of Concern
Dr. Ruchika Nandha
31Giant Adrenal Pseudocyst: A Rare Case Report
Ajay Kr. Singh, Urwashi Dwevedi, Anand Kr. Mishra
32Geriatric Life Style Profile in an Urban Slum, Central India
Dr.Jai Prakash Singh, Dr.Prabhu Nath Singh, Dr.Peeyush Kariwal,
Dr.Atul Kumar Singh
33Assessment of III MBBS Students using OSPE/OSCE in Community Medicine: Teachers’ and students’ Perceptions
Wadde S. K, Deshpande R. H.,  Madole M. B,  Pathan F. J.
34Comparative Evaluation of Result of Percuteneous Cross K-Wire Verses Two Lateral K-Wire Fixation In Type-III Supracondylar Fracture Humerus in Childrens
Dr.Mithilesh Kumar, Dr. Deepak Srivastava, Dr.  Subhangee Chaudhary
 35Good Doctor-Patient Relationship: Its Status In Clinical Practice
Dr. Raj Kishore Mahato, Dr. Parineeta Suman
 359-362 PDF
 36Classical External Opthalmomyiasis in Kuppam Andra Pradesh – A Case Report
Muralidhar. C. A,  Moinuudin Khaja.S