Scholars Academic Journal of Pharmacy (SAJP)
ISSN: 2320-4206


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Formulation and Evaluation of Sustained Release Lamivudine Matrix TabletsM. Puli Singh*, Md. Arshiya, J. Anand, Allam Vamshikrishna, Sai Krushna Padhy 160-167 PDF


Evaluation of Knowledge and Practices of Omani population in Sur region about the beneficial uses of frankincense – a commonly used natural plant product Salwa Al Kitani and Shah Alam Khan* 168-172 PDF


Cardioprotective Effect of Commiphora Wightii (Guggul) in High Fat Diet Induced Hyperlipidemic RatsMadhvi Bhardwaj, Anupam Kumar, Devesh Kumar Joshi, Sandeep Tripathi* 173-179 PDF


Optimization of fermentation medium components to improve α-amylase production by submerged fermentation technologyA. Vengadaramana, S. Balakumarand V. Arasaratnam 180-186 PDF


Species composition and medicinal importance of Pteridophytes in Paderu forest region, Eastern Ghats of India.G.M.Narasimha Rao, S.V.V.S.N.Dora and  K.Vijaya  Lakshmi 187-189 PDF


Phytochemical analysis and Cytotoxicity studies of Bryophyllum calycium in BHK-21 cells Joshi A* and Chauhan RS 190-194 PDF


Isolation of Novel Phytoconstituents from the Bark of Wonder Tree: Prosopis Cineraria (L.) DruceSumitra Singh*, Vijay Naresh, Surendra Kr Sharma 195-198 PDF


Formulation and Evaluation of Mucoadhesive Microbeads of GlimepirideM. Tejakrishna* ,V.Sai Kishore,K.V.S.Prasada Rao ,B.Sudheer 199-208 PDF


Industrial Important Microbial alpha-Amylase on Starch-Converting ProcessVengadaramana A 209-221 PDF


Pongamia pinnata: An Overview on Ethobotany, Phytochemistry and Pharmacological ActivitiesAtul Kumar Gangwar  and Ashoke K.Ghosh 222-226 PDF


Edible Vaccines: A new Approach for Immunization in Plant BiotechnologySwapna Latha Aggani 227-232 PDF


Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial studies of new novel derivatives of 2-amino-6-chlorobenzothiazoleSaarangi Ramesh, Suvendu Saha , B.Sudhakar  233-240  PDF


Medicinal importance of Euphorbia hirta LinnY. Pounikar*, P. Jain, N. Khurana, S. Patil, L. K. Omray, A. Gajbhiye  241-246  PDF


Use of Response Surface Methodology for Optimising Raw Sorghum Proportion in Barley Malt Wort ProductionMalomo, Olu, Adekoyeni,O.O, Oluwajoba,S.O., and Alamu, E.A.  247-251  PDF


Snake Bite Problem in India: An OverviewJ.K. Lalla*,Sunita Ogale, Priyanka Goswami, Zaid Temrikar, Geeta Talele  252-259  PDF


Effect of fine lactose fraction on in vitro deposition of Mometasone furoate dry powder inhaler*Mahesh M.Giri, Dr.Ashish Mungantiwar, Bhanu Pratap Sahu, Sanjay Saha  260-267  PDF
 17 GC-MS Analysis of Chloroform Extract of Solanum Nigrum LeafSivakamasundari, Ravishankar, Mariajancyrani*, Chandramohan  268-273  PDF
 18 Formulation and Evaluation of Amlodipine Immediate Release TabletN. Bose Babu*, Narendra Chary. T, Fulchan Ali, K. Suresh, Ch. Upendar  274-281  PDF