SAS Journals are approved by University Grant Commission (UGC), India

Dear Readers/Authors,
We are pleased to inform, following our journals are approved by University Grants Commission (UGC), India. For details you can search by ISSN number in UGC Approved List of Journals
UGC approved Journals of SAS Publishers (, India
  1. Scholars Journal of Applied Medical Sciences ISSN 2320-6691(Online) ISSN 2347-954X(Print); Monthly. Index Copernicus Value (ICV) 73.30 . (UGC Approved Journal Number-46479)
  1. Scholars Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences  ISSN: 2347-5374(Online) ISSN 2347-9493(Print) , Monthly. Index Copernicus Value (ICV) 68.77 . (UGC Approved Journal Number-43185)
  1. Scholars Journal of Economics, Business and Management  ISSN 2348-5302 (Online) & ISSN 2348-8875 (Print) , Monthly. Index Copernicus Value (ICV) 62.98 . (UGC Approved Journal Number-46518)
  1. Scholars Journal of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences  ISSN: 2348-1854(Online) & ISSN 2348-8883 (Print), Monthly. Index Copernicus Value (ICV) 62.74 . (UGC Approved Journal Number-46513)
  1. Scholars Academic Journal of Pharmacy  ISSN :2320-4206(Online) ISSN 2347-9531(Print), Monthly. Index Copernicus Value (ICV) 64.52 . (UGC Approved Journal Number-46477)
  1. Scholars Academic Journal of Biosciences ISSN 2321-6883 (Online) ISSN 2347-9515(Print), Monthly. Index Copernicus Value (ICV) 63.09 . (UGC Approved Journal Number-45289)
  1. Scholars Journal of Engineering and Technology ISSN 2321-435X (Online) ISSN 2347-9523(Print), Monthly. Index Copernicus Value (ICV) 53.06 . (UGC Approved Journal Number-45937)
UGC approved Journals of Scholars Middle East Publishers (, Dubai, UAE
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