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    SAS Publishers (Scholars Academic & Scientific Publisher ) is an academic and scientific  publishing house which publishes open access journals, books, monographs related to all academic and scientific fields.

    Our Journal Policies

    Fast Review Process: Review process completes within maximum 7 days.
    Gallery Proof Policy: If accepted, After Payment of processing fees Gallery Proof will be sent within 7 days.
    Fast PDF access policy: After confirmation of Gallery Proof, Journal allows immediate open access in Online to content in PDF 
    Printing Policies: Printed Copies will dispatch after completion of current issues.
    Google Scholar Citation: All articles included in Google scholar Citation immediately after published online.
    Medical Sciences Journal
    Scholars Journal of Applied Medical Sciences (SJAMS) ISSN 2320-6691(Online) & ISSN 2347-954X(Print) Bi-Monthly
    Scholars Journal of Medical Case Reports (SJMCR) ISSN: 2347-6559(Online) & ISSN 2347-9507(Print) Monthly

    Pharmaceutical Sciences Journal

    Scholars Academic Journal of Pharmacy (SAJP) ISSN:2320-4206(Online) & ISSN 2347-9531 (Print) Bi-Monthly 
    Biological Sciences Journal
    Scholars Academic Journal of Biosciences (SAJB)ISSN:2321-6883(Online) & ISSN 2347-9515 (Print) Monthly

    Engineering and Technology Journal

    Scholars Journal of Engineering and Technology (SJET)ISSN:2321-435X (Online) & ISSN 2347-9523 (Print) Bi-Monthly 

    Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Journal

    Scholars Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (SJAHSS)ISSN:2347-5374 (Online) & ISSN 2347-9493 (Print)Bi-Monthly

    Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences

    Scholars Journal of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences (SJAVS). ISSN:2348-1854 (Online) & ISSN 2348-8883 (Print) Quarterly

    Economics, Business and Management

    Scholars Journal of Economics, Business and Management(SJEBM). ISSN 2348-5302 (Online) & ISSN 2348-8875 (Print) Monthly
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