Top Medical Journal

IC Value-91.06

Scholars Journal of Applied Medical Sciences

MCI Approved
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Top Humanities Journal

IC Value-79.68

Scholars Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Impact Factor 1.42 (Google Scholar)
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Top Management Journal

IC Value 79.98

Scholars Journal of Economics, Business and Management

Impact Factor 1.23 (Google Scholar)
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Top Engineering Journal

IC Value 79.90

Scholars Journal of Engineering and Technology

Impact Factor: 0.95 (Google Scholar)
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Top Pharmacy Journal

IC Value 79.98

Scholars Academic Journal of Pharmacy

Impact Factor: 1.14 (Google Scholar)
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Top Bioscience Journal

IC Value-79.48

Scholars Academic Journal of Biosciences

Impact Factor: 0.87 NCBI-Pubmed Indexed
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Top Dental Journal

IC Value-80.18

Scholars Journal of Dental Sciences

Imapct Factor 0.32 (Google Scholar)
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Top Agriculture Journal

IC Value 80.00

Scholars Journal of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences

Impact Factor 1.34 (Google Scholar)
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Top Physics, Mathematics Journal

IC Value 80.98

Scholars Journal of Physics, Mathematics and Statistics

Impact Factor: 0.95 (Google Scholar)
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Top Nursing Journal

IC indexed

Saudi Journal of Nursing and Health Care

Impact Factor: 0.14 (Google Scholar)
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A Detailed Anatomical Review on Mandibular Fracture
Albraa B. Alolayan, Ibrahim Saleh F Alraddadi, Raed F. Aldahmeshi, Assem H.Sh, Giath Gazal
Saudi Journal of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2018; 4(7):733-736. 

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